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Attractions for children


Whale Park in Rewal

Less than a dozen kilometers east of Dziwnów, you will find a beautiful attraction for the whole family – this is the Whale Park with sea-themed attractions. It is worth visiting the Whale Park in Rewal, staying in such a close neighborhood. Attractions are enough for the whole day. Over 100 sea exhibits, 4 lands, parrots, pirates, treasure hunt. For adults, a refreshing tavern, deckchairs, souvenir shop.



Miniature Park

The Miniature Park in Dziwnów is an interesting alternative for everyone who, while relaxing at the seaside, is looking for attractions that will diversify their stay. It is here that you will see the lighthouses of the Polish coast in one place. Miniature locomotives moving between lanterns are also a great attraction. Fairytale queues and one thousand meters of tracks with railway infrastructure. There is also a playground for children, ice cream, waffles and a cafe.



Cruise on the Baltic Sea and the Kamieński Lagoon

From the passenger harbor, which is located on the Kościuszko Coast, regular cruises on the Baltic Sea, the Szczecin Lagoon and to Kamień Pomorski are held in the summer season. There are three cruise ships available to take tourists on a cruise. Korsarz and Róża Weneda sail to the sea, and Victoria flows through the Kamieński Lagoon to Kamień Pomorski. During the season, vessels sail daily.



Cabinet of wax figures in Międzyzdroje

In Międzyzdroje an interesting place, next to the famous Promenade of Stars, is also the Wax Figure Office, where you can see the wax figures of the most famous people of cinema and theater. There are nearly one hundred wax figures here. The figures depict characters known from films, political life, and there are also stars of music and sport. Of course, figures keep the natural heights of people, making them look very realistically. With each wax figure you can take a commemorative photo that will remind us of your stay in Międzyzdroje.



The Baltic Dinosaur Park in Wrzosów

The Baltic Dinosaur Park is a great attraction for children, families or organized groups. It is a place of active rest, concealing many secrets about the history of dinosaurs. There is an educational path, an amusement park, a museum, catering facilities and a souvenir shop. The attractions include: life-size dinosaurs, a museum of minerals, two rope parks, the Pirat track railway, the land of dmuchowców, playground, rushing, bungee jumping, games room, zoo.




Butterfly house in Niechorze

Being in Niechorze summer, you must visit the Butterfly House. It is a magical place where various species, colorful, exotic butterflies from all corners of the world are at your fingertips. The Butterfly House in Niechorze is a covered object with a specially prepared microclimate that creates butterflies ideal conditions for life and flying. When visiting the butterfly shop, it is worth dressing lightly but also in color, because butterflies like to sit on colorful objects.




Oceanarium in Międzyzdroje

Aquarium in Międzyzdroje is one of four such centers in Poland. It was thought mainly for children and their parents. You can see here fabulously colorful fish from different corners of the globe. A visit to the Oceanarium is a unique opportunity to look at the underwater world. Visitors can see exotic fish and other marine organisms with their own eyes.



Strawberry Town in Koserow (Germany)

In the Karls Erlebnisdorf park, you can go crazy and have fun inside and outside throughout the day. It is a real paradise for children who can ride a tractor train, ride a pony, slide on a sack from a huge slide, or enter the farm of goats and sheep. In Karl’s manufactories, you can see every day how strawberry soap, marmalade, strawberry sweets are produced, as well as bread, rolls, coffee and cheese.



Water Sports

In Dziwnów, there are excellent conditions for practicing various water sports. This is favored by the multitude of various water reservoirs: in addition to sea waves, all watersports also invites the Zalew Kamieński and Strait of Dziwna. You can go canoeing on Lake Martwa Dziwna, Zalew Kamieńskie, Dziwna River by canoe.




Dziwnowskie water reservoirs also attract lovers of more and more popular swimming in Poland. There are often windsurfers and kitesurfers on the waters of Wrzosowska Bay and the Kamieński Lagoon. You can also go water skiing and wakeboarding on the waters of the Kamieński Lagoon and at sea.



Horse Riding

For those who prefer active rest, we recommend horse riding at the “Pod Kogutem” agrotourism farm located 4 km from Dziwnów. The stud is located in Wrzosów. The farm offers, among others, horse riding in the paddock and riding school, trips to the area, and a carriage ride (max 8 people).



Sandra Aquapark in Pogorzelica

The largest water center in Pomerania with many unprecedented attractions: a water games court, an exciting slide with a trapdoor, or a water jungle for children. An interesting feature is also a unique water obstacle course and a water playground with a drowning ship.



Lighthouse in Niechorze

The Niechorze lighthouse is located on a cliff shore and dominates the area. This is the second, in terms of height, lighthouse on the Polish coast. Its total height is about 45 meters. The lighthouse was built in 1866.


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